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Finishing training

  1. Review drawings prior to pouring to confirm required finish, broom direction and tool mark locations
  2. Unload appropriate tools
  3. Spray the inside of the formwork with release oil
  4. When mixer shows up, ensure testing is completed if required
  5. Use mixer chute or line pump to fill formwork to level slightly above the top of forms
  6. Vibrate/bang pins or forms to reduce cavitation on the face
  7. Screed concrete to grade, hand float edges first if required
  8. Bull/hand float surface until completely smooth, scrape and add cream if required
  9. Use appropriate tooling along edges and joints
  10. Pass surface with a steel trowel, adding water if required
  11. Wait until the concrete sets up enough to start finishing
  12. Broom surface in the opposite direction
  13. Finish edges and joints with appropriate tools
  14. Spray curing compound if required
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Level: Easy
Teacher: North Star