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Waterline install

Steps you will be seeing in the video:

  1. work with excavator operator to cut trench 4inches below invert of pipe for gravel bedding
  2. place gravel bedding to grade
  3. clean the bell end of the pipe with a towel or rag
  4. remove rubber in the bell and check for cracks or defects
  5. clean groove for rubber and re-install
  6. lube the rubber and clear the end of the pipe to ensure no gravel gets inside the bell end
  7. lower pipe into trench and clean spigot end
  8. make sure the burry line is visible (if not visible measure and mark your own line)
  9. insert spigot end of the pipe into the bell end
  10. make sure the pipe is laying flat on bedding (adjust bedding if needed)
  11. place push bar in front of bell end of pipe and pound bar into
  12. place 2×4 between bar and pipe to prevent the bar from damaging the pipe
  13. install the pipe to the burry line
  14. ask foreman or topman for shot on a grade to confirm elevation is correct
  15. mark pipe count on top of the pipe
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