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Set up builders level

Steps you will see in the video:

  1. set the tripod up in a clear area away from equipment and midway from where you start and where you are going to finish the day off
  2. set tripod on flat surfaces and ensure the spikes are placed firmly in the ground and placed as level as possible
  3. place builders level on the pod and tighten down
  4. level builders level with the knobs on builders level, ensure bubble in the centre of the circle
  5. pick 3 nails that have been surveyed by a professional survey company
  6. in the survey booklet that has been provided to you, write down the nail elevations and nail ID or location
  7. have the employee hold the shot rod on the nail and ensure the bottom of the rod is clean and there is no mud build up on the bottom of the rod have the employee wave the rod slowly, so you get the lowest reading possible, do this for the 3 nails you have selected
  8. write the numbers in the book in the place that you have selected
  9. add the shot from the nail to the nail elevation together and place it in the Hi column, do this for all three nails you have selected
  10. all of the HI numbers that you have added together should all be the same or only a few millimetres apart, if they do not match or are 10-15 mills apart, pick 3 different nails as the nail may have moved or disturbed and do not math the grade sheets
  11. if the HI numbers match that is the height of your instrument and you have successfully found an HI
  12. if they do not match or are to 15 mills out find new nails shot and do the procedure over again
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