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Graves Bridge Feedermain

Project Details


The City Of Calgary


Calgary, Alberta

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Project Overview

Construction to install a water mainline on the Graves Bridge, that crosses the Bow River on Glenmore Trail, has begun. This project is the first of its’ kind in North America! Part of the main-line pipe will need to be welded in the North Star yard and then suspended to finish the welds between East and Westbound bridges. This interesting project proves the capabilities of North Star and the eagerness to challenge the standard and find opportunities. As this project is in high traffic and public area, North Star’s Safety Officer states, ‚ÄúNorth Star Contracting Inc.; acting as Prime for this project under contract with the City of Calgary, will be responsible for the health & safety of all workers and visitors to the site. Because of the high volume of traffic on Glenmore, the close proximity to a valuable and well-used recreation area with access to the Bow, and the work being performed over the water, the challenge of keeping everyone safe is significant. Environmental protection is equally challenging with the Bow River below, a cherished water sport and fishing sanctuary to many, and the recreational areas enjoyed by Calgarians, all immediately and directly affected by potential leaks, spills or releases. North Star Contracting is committed to protecting and enhancing the community we live and play in, and protecting the environment is one of the ways we add value and quality to the community. North Star encourages all Calgarians to be engaged and to participate, in that same spirit, to respect the efforts that are being made to ensure safety and environmental protection for our workers, and the public during the performance of this project.”