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About Us

Our Vision

North Star Contracting Inc. has the vision to be one of the largest civil contractors in Calgary and we believe in challenging the standard set by other companies. We strive to continually improve upon our business model, which leads North Star to grow through opportunity. Our people are the foundation of our company and we pride ourselves in the community we’ve created within North Star. 

Our Mission

Looking to the future, we see North Star as a company synonymous with quality and professionalism. We are working hard to build solid relationships to attest that we care, and we will always be there to get the job done. Communication is key in this industry and we want to ensure that all the doors are open between contractor and client.  Being a trusted company and brand in this industry is important to us and we stand behind everything we do.


Utilizing contract specifications and industry standards, we are able to layout the framework of a quality control plan. Project planning and scheduling are taken into consideration to ensure that both internal/external QC/QA teams have the information required to test and monitor onsite activities. North Star partners itself with McIntosh Lalani Engineering Ltd (an accredited firm) to provide quality control testing on all of our site activities.


North Star ensures that all aspects of every job are successfully completed to the highest standard, by monitoring the quality of workmanship throughout the entire project. North Star accomplishes this by providing control plans, working with quality suppliers, and ensuring our equipment is running as per the manufacturer’s specifications


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